Policy For Your Brand-new Salon. Pick a area that is degree and structurally noise.

Policy For Your Brand-new Salon. Pick a area that is degree and structurally noise.

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Your brand-new Bullfrog Spas may be showing up quickly and certainly will be a very important addition for you backyard living experience. Given that you have actually opted for the model that is perfect colors and JetPaks, there are only a few more choices to be produced and points to consider.


When selecting the area for the brand new Bullfrog salon you must look into the environment, your chosen lifestyle, and any privacy concerns.

you might place your hot spa making sure that it is possible to use the many optimal views of your home throughout every one of the periods. Policy for any spa-side accessories you wish to include whenever determining how big is the certain area you will need to for the spa. All the gear for the Bullfrog Spa is based behind an access panel within the front side regarding the spa. The spa ought not to be positioned against a wall surface or with create outs that could block usage of this panel. Take into account that after a relaxing soak and the amazing leisure supplied by Bullfrog’s hydro-massage jets, an extended trek across your straight back garden may show to be only a little inconvenient, particularly within the dead of winter.


Your Bullfrog salon can be put on a deck, tangible pad, patio obstructs, pavers, pea gravel or crushed rock. Patios will routinely have a certain quantity of fall to accommodate water run down however it shouldn’t meet or exceed 1” over an area that is 8. The whole foot of the spa ought to be maiotaku visitors supported and cannot be shimmed in the event that area has gone out of degree. In the event that you want to put your spa for a deck, determine that the decks weight bearing load is enough. In the event that deck is notably elevated, unique factors have to be made, including or perhaps a distribution will need equipment that is special extra manpower that could end in added cost.


Brown’s delivery team shall bring your spa to your house making use of a particularly designed Spa Dolly.

once they bring the spa on your home, the salon Dolly holds the spa in a vertical place. With regards to the model, it’s going to need 38” – 40” minimum clearance through gates, between your home and part fences, etc. 7’ – 10’ overhead clearance is likewise required. The dolly will not review stones, holes, up or down stairs, over fences, up or hills that are down steep etc. to organize for distribution, all debris, fences, gardening and obstacles that limitation or block access must be eliminated.

For those who have any concerns or concerns concerning the distribution or keeping of your Bullfrog Spa, Brown’s will soon be pleased to execute a free website assessment. Please contact your sales keep company with any relevant concerns or even schedule a house see.


Operating the wiring that is electrical the spa is the duty unless it was contracted with us. We recommend that you utilize an authorized electrician. Brown’s is an authorized electric contractor and us to perform the wiring for your hot tub, please contact your sales associate if you would like. When your wiring for the spa isn’t to code, or perhaps the connections haven’t been made, the distribution team will never be in a position to turn your spa on. The only connection the delivery crew will make is to the spa’s circuit board unless you have arranged for Brown’s master electrician to run the wiring.


A7/A7L & R7/R7L

A6/R6 & A6L/R6L


The electric installing of your Bullfrog salon needs to be prior to nationwide and regional wiring rule.

All 240v spas that are 50amp be wired utilizing #6 cables. a devoted, separated 50 amp GFCI breaker must be into the line and situated at the least 6’ through the spa. A “pig tail” must certanly be connected to the GFCI breaker or disconnect of adequate size to achieve the spa’s electrical access point with an extra 12’ to attain the circuit board within the gear compartment. The whole period of this cable should be in conduit to meet up with rule. Each spa may have three access that is electrical. There clearly was one for each part regarding the spa and another in the straight straight back. The diagrams with this page show the access points for each spa model plus the chaseways by which the wire shall be given.

120V spas must certanly be connected to a dedicated 20amp GFCI protected circuit. No electrical cords works extremely well with this circuit.



Most of us at Brown’s Pools & Spas appreciate the confidence and trust within our business you’ve got demonstrated along with your purchase.

we’re sure your brand new Bullfrog Spa will supply you, your family and friends several years of satisfaction.

The experienced staff at some of our places can be obtained to work with you. We have been right right here to present any details about the procedure and maintenance for the brand new hot spa so that as the source that is best for just about any materials, add-ons, or solution you might need now or in the long run.