How come this game keep freezing through to me personally everytime im bout to arrive at a sex scene.

How come this game keep freezing through to me personally everytime im bout to arrive at a sex scene.

this is one way used to do it: point during the guide match cheek kiss kiss lips run ifngers through locks musik-soft stone kiss while dancing dip/kiss throat kitchen refrigerator wine glance at stars answer question(the answers are right here already therefore I cant begin to see the point in rewriting) eat dinner by pool talk – compliment – eat – drink get in the pool get out of the pool emidietly hot spa T or D – first T answer NO – then ask her exactly the same you– you dare – dare her to kiss you drink wine get out to town go to museum (answers to the questions are already written..) go to home decor store that she asked. responses: 1. usually the one with all the bird 2. the purple one 3. the one with all the bird. remain the night time. strip and wait during sex climb directly into bed and.. voila! 😀

Wow, it really works. Thx when it comes to very first walk-through, we never been able to bang her into the bathtub and automobile, previously. We wonder, htf do I have a bj? I attempted like 300 times, its simply impossible. Through the shooting I’m able to make her undress her top and every thing, but whenever we ask her “to be much more sexy and less modest” she simply backs off, that damn bitch. Just how can u dudes get further than that?

@ jajjaaaa: You dont want to leave the building so that you can bang her. It is simple to bang her twice appropriate inside her home, after supper when you look at the family area, some dancing and wine. First in the settee, then in her bed immediately after.

You can be told by me how to have a blowjob, but i have to learn how to arrive at the picture shhoting!

Well dated the bitch 100 times, surely got to f@#@k her regarding the sofa into the hot spa on the sleep as well as in the vehicle during the shop parking great deal. Got a blow-job and licked her cunt during the look ot point but didnt f@#ck her there, took her house and she ask me top stay the evening at do her during sex. We hate that she turns from the light during sex. Nevertheless wish to figure a way out to fr@#ck her during the point as well as on the watercraft or perhaps the coastline. Cant get her to accomplish any such thing at thoes places. Allso exactly how and where may do her inside her but? Anything else that shje do thats interesting? Id apreciate any help.

hmm no help from anyone? common

Can she be persuaded to own intercourse with another girl… You meet two of those?

Got her to bang into the motor vehicle, in the sofa, during intercourse, the motorboat, and got her to provide dental. You simply need certainly to think like a woman and also you have set like this. This video game is truly addictive.

It always prevents into the kissing point that is last. It simply does not carry on. Shit. Does someone else have actually this type or type of issues?

just how do u glance at the movie stars? i cant figure that down yet! many thanks

“It always prevents when you look at the final kissing point. It simply doesn?t continue. Shit. Does someone else have actually this type or sorts of issues?”

@Goob, i really do sorry!

how will you reach the strip club, lookout point or even to the ship? I am unable to even comprehend where these accepted places are.

just how do u get her to provide dental??

and also i can’t get her to have sexual intercourse within the automobile cuz she wont go within the shop nude.

Okay when it comes to BJ, you must have eat dinner in the home, and the best liquid to four cups of wine. Serioulsy. So when you go away back for the barbeque, take a seat on that thing that is bench OBTAIN IT RIGHT, and go with falshing. After supper go with a drive. Go directly to the fuel place and fill up. Wait outside. Be in the car and drive to your borders. Disregard the urges to attend the cabret and continue steadily to lookout point. When there opt for the whole image thing and everytime opt for the sexy option (on top 50 % of her). Always complement her. You’ll see the reason. You then ought to be good. All The Best! And pray most of us find genuine gfs like her. Except bettter looking. Well do you know what after all.

How exactly does the spot work, to cet her during the senric in her bathingsuit, additionally how exactly does the rebecca have actually the threesome , and where may be the lube

I have already been in a position to screw her on a basis that is regular her home within the family area. She can’t be got by me to screw or provide me personally a BJ somewhere else. The home thing is pretty effortless. The book, kiss on cheek, kiss on lips then then into kitchen for two glasses of wine without going thru all the steps..I start with the compliment. Simply take a swim and then venture out to dinner. After that towards the Nightclub, head to club and purchase Martini and alcohol. Back once again to the family room, sluggish party, kiss, kiss throat, carry on settee, kiss, therapeutic massage arms, wine, play with boobs. Can’t remember it twice if I did. Therapeutic massage legs, kiss, just take down gown, therapeutic massage right back, kiss, play with pussy. We don’t constantly obtain the actions appropriate, but 3 away from 4 times she fucks. You’ll download game and go directly to the click and file all of the pics and picture scenes associated with game. We can’t think what number of We have missed. Naked on dining area table, Her and a blonde swimming nude in pool, her together with blonde regarding the sleep, her chugging a whiskey container. I didn’t see any intercourse regarding the ship, therefore I threw in the towel attempting. Everyone loves this game.


Intro : (constantly get this method, it is the most effective)